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Related article: husband has played in the matter. So at the end of a long act which contains some powerful situations, Mrs. Digby sets off Order Loratadine to return to the paternal roof renouncing all claim to her unworthy husband. Forgiveness in the Third Act and the departure of the mother and child to Devonshire under the tearful Order Loratadine Online blessing of a rich aunt of Mrs. Purchase Loratadine Online Digby bring the play to an end. Loratadine Online We cannot regard " The Wed- ding Guest *' as a masterpiece, but it is well worthy a visit, and is very well played by the strong company collected by Generic Loratadine Mr. Arthur Bourchier. To Miss Violet Van- brugh must be accorded high praise for her impersonation of ** the other woman," a creature of the strangest moods and subject to recurring attacks of dementia; it may not be Buy Loratadine Online a great part, but Miss Vanbrugh plays it Purchase Loratadine like a great actress, and her perform- ance alone must spell success for the production. We sincerely congratulate her upon such a triumphant return to work after her illness. Mr. H. B. Irving has a thankless task in playing the unfortunate, Paul Digby, who has enjoyed the love of two women and earned the contempt of all. it never pleases us to dabble in the ethics of the pig- tub, but there is something to be said for this particular Digby, since it was he who was de- serted by the lady in the -old days, for she wrote him a letter professing to be tired of him, and urging him to take no steps ever to see her again, whilst as to the least possibility of there being any offspring of their association, there was never a word breathed to the unfortunate Paul until the middle of the Second Act. His main offence appears to have been a breach of promise of celibacy for which he is certainly punished, since his misery must be great in the position in which he finds himself and none may sympathise with him. Mr. Irving plays the part ad- mirably, and the same may be said of Miss Dorothea Baird in her charming rendering of the part of the bride with the baby- mind who suffers so cruelly on her wedding-day. Mr. H. Vibart makes a decided hit as the Scotch minister, and Mr. Brandon Thomas as the easy going Mr. Fairbairn gives us another of his clever character studies. The versatile Mr. James Erskine is rather short of work as the best man, and quite one of the hits of the evening is made by Miss Joan 38o BAILY S MAGAZINE. [NOVEMBU Burnett, as the Scotch lassie who looks after the baby Buy Loratadine in the Second Act. '